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skin aging looks like

Aging is a natural process and we don’t have control over it.

Skin aging Usually begins after 30 years of age.

But The fact is that Usually, Man’s skin gets aging earlier than women’s skin.

We can’t stop aging but we can learn some tips and tricks which can help us to decrease the hurdles in this process.

We don’t teach that how can you stop skin aging rather than we teach how to look young with the continuous process of aging.

We are here with the top 11 natural anti-aging skin care tips for men that are highly effective in any year of age.

Does man’s skin get aging earlier than woman’s skin?

Yes, studies find that man’s skin gets aging earlier than a woman’s skin.

Why does men’s skin get aging earlier than women’s skin?

Due to excessive exposure to sun and other environmental elements, men’s skin gets aging earlier than women’s skin.

11 anti-aging natural tips for men

  1. Avoid unnecessary Exposure to Sun.
  2. Drink more water
  3. Avoid Hard Shaving Razor
  4. Lower the amount of Cigarette
  5. Wash your face more and more
  6. Don’t use Rugh towel to dry face
  7. apply glycerin to your face
  8. Include fruits in your diet
  9. Maintain Sleep cycle
  10. Do physical exercise
  11. Avoid unnecessary Skincare products

1. Avoid unnecessary Exposure to the sun.

in the photo a guy using laptop and sitting in sunlight with pretty smile on his face
man sitting in sunlight

 Studies find that the sun is the cause of 65% of skin problems. Ultraviolet rays in the sun break the biochemical building of skin tissues. Excessive exposure to sunlight allows UV rays to reach the inner layer of your skin.

It darkens your skin cells and can cause several skin diseases. The fact is that men are more exposed to the sun than women there for men get skin aging earlier than women.

To reduce skin aging symptoms, try to protect your skin from excessive exposure to the sun.

2. Drink more water.

in the photo a guy is drinking water from the bottle of pure water
a guy drinking water

Water is an essential element of life. It is the best anti-aging agent. Drinking An appropriate amount of water keeps your skin hydrated and elastic.

It prevents your skin from getting dry. Drinking water not only helps in skin problems but prevents several kidney problems as well.

3. Avoid Hard Shaving Razor.

in the photo two boys are doing clean shave for face hairs
two guys doing clean shave

A huge amount of men are doing clean shaves and some of them keep the stylish bears. Man, often uses Razors for a clean shave. Some of them use Razor to make bear in a stylish way.

Just think if an instrument can cut your hairs enough deeply, then is it not possible that it can cause damages to the skin?

Probably it can cause damages to the skin. To protect your skin from such difficulties, try to use soft razors and don’t shave on a dry face.

Apply enough moisturizers before shaving on the areas that you want to shave with a razor. Apply moisturizer and other smoothing chemicals aftershave so It can relieve the distress which is caused by razors.

Try to use an electric Shaving machine if you can afford it.

4. lower the amount of Cigarette.

in the photo man is smoking Cigarette
man smoking

Smoking is not only injurious to the lungs but is injurious to the skin as well. Substances in the Cigarette can cause several skin problems.

Skin fin lines are observed in smokers higher than non-smokers. Being a psychologist and self-improvement trainer, I experience that quitting smoking is a very difficult task.

I observed that no one can quit smoking but they can lower the number of Cigarettes on daily basis.

If you are a smoker don’t worry I am not going to tell you to leave the Cigarette I just want to you decrease the number of cigarettes that you are smoking on a daily basis.

5. Wash your face regularly.

in the photo man washing his face with clean  water
man washing face

Wash your face regularly with warm and clean water.

It will keep your face skin hydrated and clean up your face from dirt and debris. Washing your face regularly will prevent premature skin aging.

Keep that in mind that washing your face with warm water is more benefit full than washing your face with cold water.

6. Don’t use a rough towel.

The rough towel can cause distress to your skin.  Use a smooth towel instead of a Hard one. The rough towel is especially forbidden for people with sensitive skin.

 If you leave your face to dry naturally it is the best thing to do. It will help prevent your skin from unnecessary pressure and itching.

7. apply glycerine on the face and hands.

Glycerine oil is available everywhere easily.  It prevents skin from dryness and keeps your face smooth. It protects skin against cool and keeps the face smooth. glycerine helps in reducing itching and redness.

8. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

in the photo man with his wife and child eating fruits

Fruits and vegetables are natural anti-aging foods.

 According to a nutritionist, 65% of your diet should consist of fruits and vegetables.

It strengthens the immunity system and helps your body fight against bacteria and other germs.  Fruits and vegetables contribute to smooth and healthy skin. It recovers skin damage caused by weakness.

Studies find that people which are eating an appropriate amount of fruits and vegetables are found to look young even after 35 years of age.

9. Maintain Sleep cycle.

Skin aging is directly proportional to Sleep deprivation. People with excessive and regular sleep deprivation usually get skin aging after 20.

When you sleeping your skin switch from running mode to recovery mode. It starts recovering the skin damages caused by Day stresses, and other factors.

To prevent skin aging you should maintain your sleep cycle.  Sleep cycle means you are taking an appropriate amount of sleep at the appropriate time.

10. Do physical exercise.

Physical exercise is necessary not only for your physical health but for mental health as well.

We know that people which are doing physical exercise regularly look young and energetic at any age.  It burns unnecessary fats and other substances. It ensures that every organ of the body gets enough oxygenated blood.

It prevents skin aging symptoms and keeps your mind cool and relaxed.

11. Avoid unnecessary use of skin products.

If you Don’t have any skin disease or serious distress then avoid using skincare products.

If you have any skin distress then consult a dermatologist. Don’t use derma products with the prescription of a dermatologist. If you use skin care products without the prescription of a dermatologist it can cause several skin problems.


Skin aging is a natural phenomenon that takes place with growing age. It is not a serious skin problem but if you are getting premature skin aging it’s means that your skin needs your attention.

We have listed 11 natural anti-aging skin care tips for you that can help you to prevent premature skin aging.

Be with us for more amazing tips

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