Simple Methods to curl short hair
Curl Short Hair

Curly short-hairs look very cool, especially in the summer season. Regardless of the season, you can also cut your long hairs and make them short hairs in winters because you are bored of your style and you need some different and classy look. Some people prefer long hairs while others prefer short hairs. There is a rumor that short hairs did not look classy on people. Actually, they look classy and attractive than the long hairs.

Short hairs are eye catching because most people have long hairs and whenever a person with shorter hairs will come, they will be prominent. Styling of the short hairs is very easy. Curling the short hairs is also very easy than the longer hairs.

Some people mostly prefer TRESemme’s compressed texture spray to do styling while some people feel that it is not enough to get styling with spray only. That’s why they go with heating.

They use curler rods to curl their hairs or use straighteners to get fabulous curls. You can also curl your hair in a beachy wave manner. These styles make you elegant and beautiful.

So, let us discuss in this article about HOW TO CURL SHORT HAIRS. We will also discuss different methods to curl hairs in different ways. We will also cover all the related queries regarding this.


Best Tips Before curl your hairs

Here are some tips that you should follow before curling your hair. In this way, your curls will not open and they look super cool.

  1. Take the smaller sections of hairs so that your curls remain tight. If we take a larger section of hairs loose curls will be found.
  2. Make sure before curling, you don’t use any heating method or straightener on your hairs because you will not get the desired curl when you use any heating method and the curler rod holds curl more efficiently when there is no heat applied to hairs.
  3. Use hair styling products so that your curls will stay in place. These products are specifically designed to hold the curl and they are according to your specific hair type. Holding formulas that you use must be specially formulated so that the texture of your hair remains maintained and the shininess and thickness of your hairs will not be affected.
  4.  Make sure before curling, you washed your hairs with a good shampoo. If you want a soft curl then also use a mild conditioner. If your choice is rigid and tights curl then you can avoid using the conditioner. After washing, dry your hairs and remove excess moisture. Gently dry your hairs with a towel. Make sure that you keep your hairs slightly damp so that your curls will set properly.
  5. Some people love uniform curls but if you don’t want uniform curls then it is better to change the direction of every section of the hairs while curling so that the fun waves will be found.


Best heatless method Tips for Curly hairs

There are different methods to curl the hairs. One of the methods is the Heatless method in which no heat is used to curl your hair. This method takes more time than the heat method. You have to wait for hours to curl your hair. Here we will discuss how we curl the hairs by using heatless methods.


If you are a lazy girl and you are stuck only on bun but want some change, so you may curl your hair without using any heat. So, follow this step-by-step guide to know that how to do lazy curls.

  • Cover your short hairs into a pony.
  • Now spray your hairs with water that so that it will be slightly damped.
  • Now wrap your hairs section wise in your fingers individually so that to create curls.
  • Now use small clips so that your curls will secure. Now let the time do its magic.
  • When you feel that your hairs dry completely, then remove the clips and open the individual curls and remove your pony. In this way you will achieve lazy curls.


It is the easiest way to curl your hair. You will find curls from loose waves to tight spirals but it depends mainly on the number of twists that you will use.

Follow this step-by-step guide to know the twist bun heatless method.

  • First you have to dampen your hairs with water spray. Dampen hairs leads to better curls.
  • Then brush your hairs and make four section of your hairs. Hold each section separately with clips so that no confusion will occur.
  • Then take one section of your hairs and make a twist away from your face. Now wrap this twist and make a bun and hold this bun with rubber band or pony.
  • Repeat the same process with other three sections. To secure your style wear a cap on your head.
  • Leave it overnight and then open the bun in the morning and separate the curls and comb your hairs gently with your fingers. Now enjoy the sleek and voluminous curls.


It is the best way to curl short hairs and they give you sleek curls. Now have a look at this method to get the voluminous curls

  • First you have to brush your hairs and dampen your hairs with water spray.
  • Now make 2 sections of your hairs from the backside.
  • Now take a headband and put horizontally over your forehead.
  • Now take the small section of hairs from the right side and loop it around the headband.
  • Now take the remaining hairs of first section and combine it with another section and again make a loop. Repeat this process several times until all the hairs will be covered.
  • Take another hairband and put over your forehead and perform the same process with the left side of your hairs.
  • Now wrap all the remaining hairs on the backside in the headband. Make sure that your hairs will not unwrap. You can use bobby pins to fix your hairs.
  • Wear a scarf on your head and leave it overnight. Now remove the band and set your curls.


You must know the braiding skills to curl the hairs by this method. 

Have a look on the twist braiding method

  • First you have to dampen your hairs and then make two sections of your hairs.
  • You have start with two strands taken from one section.
  • Now you have to twist these strands around each other. Make sure that you add more hairs to strands to make another twist. You have to repeat this process in this manner- Add hairs, twist, add hair and then twist again until all hairs are covered and then secure your hairs from the end with elastic or pony.
  • Now you have to repeat the same process to the other section.
  • Open your twist braid next morning with an amazing and sleek curls.

Now have a look at the simple braiding heatless method to curl your hair.

  1. Dampen your hairs and comb it with brush.
  2. Now take small and small sections of hairs and make a simple braid.
  3. Repeat this process on sections of hairs.
  4. Now cover your hairs with a scarf or a cap.
  5. Leave it overnight and open the braids one by one in the morning.
  6. A sleek and voluminous curls will be found.

By all these methods you can make curls without using any heat or damage to your hair.


Hair Styling Instruments

If you want to spend less time on curling, then heat methods are the best methods to curl your short hair. You can achieve a lot of curling styles with heating methods. If you have thin hairs, then set the heat below 200 degrees Centigrade and if you have thick hairs then set the temperature above 200 and between 200-250 degrees Centigrade. You can also use good hair-dryers and sprays to lock your curls.


You can curl your hair by using a straightener. Follow this step-by-step guide so you can easily curl your hair.

Dry your hairs completely

Your hair should be dry completely before using any heating rod. If you apply heat to damp or wet hairs, it can cause damage to your hair. When you curl one day old hairs, better results will be produced than freshly washed hairs. If you feel that your hairs are oily, you can use dry shampoo on your hair so that curls look sleek and voluminous.

Brush your hairs

Now you have to brush your hair to remove any knot or tangle in it.

Apply Heat Protection Product

Now you have to take a heat protection product to protect your hairs from heating. Make sure that you use heat protective spray on your hairs otherwise your hairs become dry.

Take a Straightener

A thin flat ironwork is best for short hairs. This iron creates beachy waves more accurately and also creates sleek curls.

Make Sections of hairs and do curling

It is easy to create curls when you make sections of your hair. It is better to make four sections of your hair, two from the backside and two from the front side. Now take hairs from one section of hairs and put the straightener near the roots of your hairs. Now you have to give a half turn. Your hairs form a U shape.

Now you have to pull the straightener through your airs. if you pull it slowly, you will achieve tight curls. If you pull it fast, you will achieve loose curls. Repeat the above-mentioned process with the remaining hairs. From the front side, move the iron away from your face to curl the front side.

Set your hairs

When you are done with curling, now set your curls with your finger and spray your hairs to lock the curls,


Best tips to curl short hair with curling rod

You can also curl your hair with the curling iron. Follow this step-by-step guide to curling the hair in this way.

Use thinner Curling Iron

As you know, we discuss about short hair. So, it is better to get the thinner curling rod to curl your hair because it gives better results.

Brush your hairs and dry them

The second step is to brush your hair to remove any knot in it and completely dry your hair.

Apply heat protection products

Before curling your hair, you have to apply heat protection spray so that your hair will not damage.

Make sections and start curling

Make two layers of your hair, top, and bottom. Use clips to bind your top layer. Now take a bottom layer first and make three to four sections. Don’t touch your bangs. Now take a small section of the bottom layer and wrap it around the curler rod. The curls will be rolled away from your face. The bigger curl will achieve if you take a wider section. Repeat the same process with other sections.

Leave ends straight

As you know, we are curling short hairs. So, it is better to leave the end of your hair straight rather than do a curl. Your hair will look so small if you don’t leave the ends straight. If you want loose curls then hold the rod for five seconds only and if you want tight curl hold the rod for 20 seconds

Set your curls

After curling, you have to set your curl with your fingers to define its position and shape. Use a mild hair spray to lock your curls. If you use strong hair spray, you feel your hair rigid.


To conclude the discussion, I want to say that short hair looks very attractive and they are eye-catching. Many people when bored of their long hair, they chop their hair and make them short. As we know we are discussing about curling, so curling the short hairs is very easy than the longer hairs because it takes less time.

Heatless and heat methods are used to curl the short hairs. In the heat method, we use a curler rod and flat iron straightener to curl the hairs. Whereas in the heatless method, we use different techniques and leave the hairs overnight so that to achieve the curl. But the heatless method takes time and it is somehow boring. By using a curler rod, we can achieve sleek and voluminous curls in 10-15 minutes.

I hope that provided information proves useful to you and helps you to understand HOW TO CURL SHORT HAIRS.

Thank you for reviewing. If you find it worth reading then check more blogs on our website.

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