Top Natural Anti-Aging secrets for your skin

women face wrinkles and skin aging
women face skin aging symptoms
woman, in her thirties, examining her face in front of the mirror, aging, fine wrinkles and skin complexion concept
woman, in her thirties, examining her face in front of the mirror, aging, fine wrinkles, and skin complexion concept

aging is a factor that can affect the skin to an extent. If the skin getting shrinking, wrinkles, fine lines, and aging with growing age after 30 then it’s not bad at all.

 The worst thing is that when a young face skin starts getting shrinking and other aging symptoms.

We have listed the 10 best natural skin anti-aging tips for men and women that are easy and very effective.

What are the symptoms of skin aging?

Getting wrinkles, fine lines, and visible pores on the skin are the major symptoms of skin aging.

What causes skin aging?

Some researches show that the main reason behind skin aging is excessive exposure to the sun.

Ultraviolet rays of the sun break the connective cells of skin and skin start getting aging.

However, some other factors are also involved that play role in skin aging processes.

10 best natural anti-aging tips for men and women

1.            Proper sleep.

2.            Breakfast.

3.            Relaxation exercise.

4.            look at what you eat.

5.            Milk and lemon.

6.            Decrease in smoking if you are a smoker.

7.            Protect your skin from the sun.

8.            Drink more water.

9.            don’t sleep on your face.

10.          Stop using skin care products.

1. Proper sleep.

Girl sleeping on The Bed
girl Sleeping on the bed

researches show that the ratio of premature skin aging is higher in people that don’t take proper sleep.

When we fall asleep blood flow to the kin starts increasing. Skin starts rebuilding the collagen and elastin fibers that were broken by the ultraviolet rays of the sun or other factors.

What mean by proper sleep?

Proper sleep is the appropriate amount of sleep during the night.

What is the appropriate amount of sleep?

The appropriate amount of sleep varies from person to person. However, but 8 hours of sleep is considered an appropriate amount of sleep for almost 80% of the population.

Why night sleep is important?

We, humans, have an inherited biological clock that tells our body when to release certain hormones, when to sleep and when to wake up.

A study published by PNAS in 2018 showed that when you sleep in the day and wake at night can lead to changes in almost 100 proteins in the blood.

2. Breakfast in the morning:

Girl Having Breakfast at Home
Girl having breakfast

breakfast is the start of metabolic activities and helps you burn calories all over the day. Breakfast play important role in the development of the immunity system. Most people thought that it is a myth, but you might experience the effects of it. Sometimes when you wake up in the morning and didn’t do breakfast on time then you feel laziness, headache, and angry.

As breakfast affects your enzymes and other related elements in your body and these elements have a huge effect on the skin fibers.

3. Relaxation exercise

Girl Doing Yoga For relaxation.
Young Girl Doing Yugic Exercise For Relaxation

a relaxed mind has relaxed and smooth skin. Your mental state affects your skin health to an extent that you even can’t think of it. You might know that when people are going through stress we can see the effects of stress on their faces.

Like when someone doesn’t take proper sleep due to stress then we can see black spots or black lines beneath the eyes on the face. When someone gets angry we see the readiness on the face.

In short, we expressed almost all of our emotions through the face.

Therefore, you need relaxation exercises to keep your mind cool and relaxed.

Exercise: get alone at least once a day and sit down in a natural environment in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose and exhale the breath through your mouth slowly.

Doing this process start thinking that all the positive things and health are entering your body when you are inhaling. While all the negativities and stresses are going out from your body when you exhale.

It will help not only as a skin anti-aging tip but as a mind relaxing tool as well.

4. Look at what you eat:

mom giving Food To young girl while girl watching at the food
girl eating

when you are eating, and you don’t look at the foods that you are eating it can lead to major digestive diseases. Because your mind faces difficulties in getting the picture of what you are eating and therefore it is difficult for your mind to send the right signals to the right hormones and enzymes.

It causes irregular secretions of some hormones and enzymes that most probably lead to skin fine lines and dark spots.

To prevent this condition, try to not use cell phones during eating and don’t perform any other task while you are eating.

5. Apply milk and lemon on your face.

Lemon and Milk mix juice with other herbals
Lemon and milk mix juice with other herbals

Milk is rich in lactic acids and lemons having vitamin c. Mix the lemon juice in a cup of milk and apply it to your face. Do massage your face in a circular motion. It will make your skin shining, and flawless. It can help to treat acne and wrinkles of aging skin.

6. Decrease smoking if you are a smoker.

girl smoking
girl smoking cigret

Studies showed that the long-term effects of smoking cause dry skin, wrinkles along other skin-related problems.

It is difficult to quit smoking, but it is easy to lower the amount of smoking.

If you are a smoker, and you want your skin to be healthy then I suggest you lower the number of cigarettes.

Why it is difficult to quit smoking?

Nicotine is the addictive substance in the cigarette. When you smoke, nicotine compels your brain to release a chemical that feel you good.

Therefore, it is difficult to quit smoking due to nicotine dependency.

7. Protect your skin from the sun.

girl wearing cap to protect face from sun
girl wearing cap

Sun has an important role in skin aging processes.

When you expose to the sun consistently for a long time the UV rays of the sun make your skin fibers break.

Therefore, almost all skincare specialists suggest that protect your skin from sun exposure for a long time.

Wear sunblock or whatever is easily available to you.

8. Drink more water.

girl drinking water
girl drink water

Water is an important element of life and even some philosophers and scientists say that water is life.

Drinking more water prevents your skin from getting dry and keeps your cells alive. It maintains skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and keeps your body hydrated. People who drink more water are observed fewer aging symptoms than people who drink less water.

9. Don’t sleep on your face.

girl is sleeping on the face
girl sleep on face

Our physical appearance gets shaped by how we move or keep our bodies in certain positions.

If you sleep on your face it presses your face skin with the pillow or bed, and it causes difficulty in supplying blood to that area of the face. It prevents your face skin from getting the proper amount of energy, and it can cause skin aging.

10.Stop using skin care products.

girl applying cream on her face
girl applying cream

Sometimes people use skin care products without the prescription of a dermatologist. It can cause serious threats to your skin health. You should only use skincare products by the prescription of a specialist.

What happened if we use skin care products without the prescription of dermatologists?

If you use skin medicine without the prescription of a dermatologist it can cause serious distress to your health.

A dermatologist knows when and how to use a specific medication to treat disease and also they keep certain side effects in mind while prescribing medications.


Skin aging usually starts from 30 to 35 years. If you feel such symptoms before the mentioned age it could be considered a problem caused by various factors.

We mentioned all the possible factors in detail in the above article. We have listed 10. Best natural skin anti-aging tips for you that can help you recover skin from aging.

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