Top 10 Hair Care Tips for Hair Fall and Dandruff in 2022

photo of a girl fingering in her hair
in the photo girl take care of her hairs

your hair is the face behind your beauty. Hair care is necessary so it can contribute to your beauty all the time. We are here with some well-researched hair care tips for you.

 No matter you have curly hair, blonde hair or any type of hair these tips are effective for all types of hair.

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a girl is happy with long healthy hair

Top 10 Hair Care Tips for Hair Fall and Dandruff in 2022

1.            Wash your hair with shampoo.

2.            Don’t dry hair with a towel.

3.            Your scalp needs your attention.

4.            Avoid excessive hair exposer to the sun.

5.            Choose the right shampoo.

6.            Cute it out on time.

7.            Use a swimming cap to protect hairs.

8.            Dry hair naturally.

9.            Oil your hair properly.

10.          Stop hair styling products.

1. Wash your hair with shampoo.

girl in this photo washing hairs with shampoo
a beautiful girl washing hair with shampoo

water can remove the dirt from the surface of the hair. Washing hairs with shampoo can clean up hair deeply from sweat, odors, smoke, and other substances.

Washing your hairs keep your hair clean and hydrated. You should be more conscious about your hair type when you wash it.

If you have weak hair then don’t wash on daily basis. Strong hair should be washed on daily basis or on alternate days.

Why should I wash my hair with shampoo?

When you wash your hair with shampoo it cleans up your hair deeply from dirt, debris, sweat, smoke, and oily substances.

Do I need to wash my hair on a daily basis?

It depends on what type of hair you have. If you have weak hair try to wash twice in weak and if you have strong hairs you can wash on daily basis.

2. Avoid drying hairs with rough towel.

a girl in the photo using laptop and taking a cup of coffee in hands and enclosed hair in towel for drying
girl using laptop and enclosed hair in towel for drying

hair that is very sensitive in nature. Towels are almost rough and hard. The towel can break it while drying. The towel can damage weak hair and can increase hair fall.

If you have a habit of drying hair with a towel then use a smooth and elastic towel.

Deal with your hair in a kind manner after washing.

What happens when you use a towel for drying off?

Towel grab your hair, it can break or damage weak hair and can increase hair fall.

Lots of celebrities and models wrote over this topic and they suggest that not to use a towel or try to use a very smooth and warm towel.

3. Your scalp needs your attention.

girl looking on her scalp in the photo
girl looking on her scalp

your scalp is the extension of your face. It is the earth of hair plants. Almost all of us ignore the scalp and just focus on hairs. Your scalp care is more important than hair care.

When the earth is healthy it produces healthy plants. When you wash your hair try to wash your scalp as well. It will keep your scalp hydrated and soft so it can contribute to your hair’s health.

What is scalp?

The scalp is the extension of the facial skin on the surface of the head.

Does scalp care contribute to healthy hair?

Yes, the scalp plays an important role in the quality of hair along with other factors.

4. Avoid excessive hair exposure to the sun.

a beautiful girl in sunlight with beautiful hair
a beautiful girl having brown hair shine in sunlight

The ultraviolet rays of the sun can break the biochemical building of hairs. Dermatologists suggest that the sun plays an important role in skin and hairs related problems.

To keep your hair and face skin healthy try to avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun.

5. Choose the right shampoo.

in the photo girl opening shampoo bottle to wash hair
girl opening shampoo bottle

The type of shampoo that you are using has a great impact on the health of your hair.

Like other organs of the body, your skin could be allergic to some shampoos. Such types of shampoos can cause hair fall and dandruff.

To avoid any problem in this regard, try to test the shampoo for a few days and observe the effects. This is called test dose shampoo.

If you feel hair-related distress after using certain shampoo then stop it and test another one. Repeat this test again and again until you find the shampoo that best suits the nature of your hair.

6. Cut out on time.

girl getting hair cut in the photo
girl getting hair cut

When you face hair fall it means that your body facing difficulties in supplying nutrients to your hair. There may be dead or infected hair cells in your hair.

The best way to remove these types of cells is to cut out your hair on time.

People which do hair trimming on time reported less hair fall than others.

7. Use a swimming cap.

two girls in the photo wearing swimming cap
girls wearing swimming cap

Swimming is a very pleasant activity in this era. Almost half of the population likes swimming. Wet hairs are more open to changes and damages.

When water forces your hairs to move in certain directions than that of a normal routine, your hairs get damaged easily.

A swimming cap protects your hair from drag, sun damage, and chlorine. Sometimes it can be used to keep the head warm and protect ears from water.

8. Dry hair naturally.

girl in the photo get  hair washing
girl gets hair-wash

nature knows the does and don’ts of everything. Let nature dry your hair smoothly and enjoy it.

Every man mad thing has some side effects. When we use technology, and other substances in higher amounts it increases the chances of different diseases.

Sometimes don’t try to use artificial things every time for small tasks. Let things happen in a natural way and you will find it fantastic.

Keep in mind that a hairdryer can cause damage to hairs. If you using a hairdryer at a perfect distance and perfect temperature then it’s good.

But if you use it without proper knowledge about it then it can increase the threat to your hair.

9. Oil your hair properly.

in the photo girl oiling hair
girl oiling her hair

Oils include substances that can relieve skin distress and help prevent hair fall and dandruff. The oil keeps hairs hydrated and elastic. Oil your hair on a daily basis properly, strengthen your hair.

Keep in mind when you oil your hair also apply the oils on the surface of the scalp. It will help to keep your scalp full of energy. When you wash hair keep in mind to shampoo and wash your scalp is well.

10.       Stop hair styling products.

in the photo there are lots of hair styling products on a table.
photo of hair styling products

Hairs styling products have chemicals that make the hairs look like as you want temporarily. These chemicals can cause hair fall and other related problems.

If you are facing dandruff and hair fall then stop using hair styling products now.


we, humans, have a unique look and all the parts of our body contribute to our beauty. Haircare is not only important to make us look good but it also makes us feel good as well.

It’s not only for our appearance it’s important for proper hygiene. We have listed some well-researched tips for you and we hope that they will help you a lot.

We will be sharing more beauty tips and tricks on a daily basis we appreciate you keeping in touch with us.

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