Best Hair Tips | How to make Natural Red Hair Redder

best way to make natural red hair redder
How to make natural red hair redder

Red hair makes you feel unique. Most of us want our natural red hair more vibrant. They are using a lot of products to maintain their natural res color. If you have natural red hair color then you have to maintain it otherwise it turns into a ginger color. Red hair color is hard to maintain. Are you searching for how to make natural red hair redder? Then, you are in the right place. We explained all about how to make natural red hair redder and how to maintain them.

Ways to make natural red hair redder

There are lots of ways to make natural red hair redder. The ways involve natural or organic products. So, here are the ways to make natural red hairs redder which are given below:


henna for hairs

You can make your natural red color redder by using henna. Using henna is the old way to dye your hair red. It also boosts up the ginger fade of natural red hair.

This dye is obtained from the Lawsonia Inermis plant and sometimes plant called the henna tree. Before applying henna make sure you cover all the things like your clothes, bathroom floor, ears, neck, and hairlines. Because henna dyes all the things it touches.

You can avoid staining by covering all the things with newspaper; apply a greasy balm on your neck, hairline, and ears. Now you have to follow this step when you are using henna.

  • Thoroughly wash your hair

Firstly wash your hair with shampoo before applying henna. You have to use mild shampoo for washing your hair. Don’t apply conditioner after shampoo because the conditioner leaves oil into your hair which may affect the color of hair.

  • Henna mixture preparation

Now mix the henna with some water and maintain the consistency of the mixture by adding water or you can prepare the mixture according to the instruction.

  • Apply the mixture

Make a section of your hair into 4 parts because you can evenly apply the mixture. Apply the mixture on the tip of your hair then moves upward. After applying the mixture cover your head with a shower cap.

  • Wash

After half an hour you can wash your hair with water. Then wait for 1-2 days if you want more color then you can apply it again to get the result which you want.

Carrot juice

carrot juice for red hair

The natural color of carrots can use to make natural red hair redder. For a more effective method, you can mix beetroot juice with carrot juice for a more reddish color. Steps for making natural red hair redder which is given below

  • Prepare the recipe

Take medium size 4 carrots. Wash them and peel the carrots then make juice of them by using juice. You can use beetroot and do the same things.

  • Mixture formation

Take 1 cup of carrot juice and a half cup of beetroot juice mix well. While mixture formation makes you wear gloves.

  • Apply on hair

Firstly wear gloves and cover the cloth with old clothes or an old towel. Then make the section of hair and evenly apply the mixture. The rest for about 1 hour and rinse it. You can feel the red color immediately.

For effective color, you can apply this mixture 2-3 times a week to get the best result.

Cranberry Juice and Hibiscus Tea

Cranberry Juice and Hibiscus Tea for red hair

For the quick fix, to enhance your red hair color you can use cranberry juice with hibiscus tea to get the natural red color to look redder. You can make this mixture just like carrot and beetroot juice.

You can follow the same step of applying like carrot and beetroot juice application. Mix 1 cup of cranberry juice with half a cup of hibiscus tea and apply in sections of hair and rinse off after 1 hour. You can immediately feel the red color of your hair.

Hair Gloss

This is like deep conditioning of your hair. The hair gloss treatment in which closing the cuticle tight to get the shiniest hair. The hair gloss product contains a red tint which is really helpful for making natural red hair redder.

If you have damaged hair or your hair needs more gloss and moisture then you have to use hair gloss treatment every 4-6 weeks. Depending upon the brand the application of hair loss is different so you can apply it according to instructions given on the label.

Leave- in Conditioner

The leave-in conditioner doesn’t boost up the red color of hair but it maintains the hair vibrancy. The leave-in conditioner protects hair from environmental changes like heat, cold, pollution, and many more.

Leave-in conditioner comes in many forms like gel, liquid, or spray form. Always choose the organic leave-in conditioner because it provides moisture and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.

Frequently Ask Question

Q- How can I make natural red hair color more vibrant?

A- You can make your natural hair color more vibrant by using cranberry juice. This juice gives you a brighter, richer, and healthy appearance. You can also use carrot juice with a combination of beetroot juice. Make sure you use pure juices for the best result.

Q-Is red hair hard to maintain?

A- Red hair color is hard to maintain because it becomes fades very quickly. According to the hairstylist, the first step is to maintain the red color of your hair is washing your hair with cold water.

Q-Which hair color looks best on natural redheads?

A- The hair color which looks best on natural re-heads are Black, Deep blue, Beige, Emerald Green, and red color.

Q- How do I make red hair red?

A-Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner which is especially formulated for color-treated hair. After dying your hair wait at least for 2 days then wash your hair. For washing your hair using cold water which is really helpful for maintaining the red color of hair.

Final Words

In the end, the best part for making natural red hair redder is lots of options you can choose any from them. These all are organic treatments like carrot juice, beetroot juice, cranberries juice, and hibiscus tea.

By these methods, you can make your hair redder. The Use of different juices is not a permanent solution so you have to repeat this process after 1-2 weeks. All remedies are the quick fix to boost up the red hair color. If you want semi-permanent treatment then you can use henna or hair gloss for this purpose. Besides all these choices that method makes your hair look more vibrant, healthy, and shinny.

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