Is it bad to curl your hair every day?

is it dangerous to curl your hair

Curling is such a blessing for those who want bouncy hair within minutes. You can curl your hair professionally at home with the right curling tool. The person who has hair with low volume wants voluminous hair so curling is the best option for them.

Here the questions arise that “Is it bad to curl your hair every day?” The answer is that Yes because too much heat damage your hair. Frequently use of ironing tools leaves your hair coarse and dry especially when you do it without taking proper care.

On the other hand, if you take good care of your hair while styling then it may less damage your hair. You can curl your hair without any heating tool because there are a lot of accessories and ways that can curl your hair without damage we will mention those accessories and ways in this article so keep reading this.

The hairstylists said that heat rapidly dry your hair, if you have naturally dry hair then they don’t recommend the daily use of curling iron. But some stylists said that you can curl your hair every day with proper care.

Many of you are searching for ways to spare some time from your busy routine and check out the answer of Is it bad to curl your hair every day we explain all the things related to this question. Without further wasting time let’s move to the topic.

Tips to protect your hair while curling every day

You want to curl your hair every day to look bouncy for an entire day and also protect them from damage then follow these simple tips.

1. Choose the correct curler for curly hair

Invest in the right curling iron which is of good quality and heat up evenly. Iron is made up of Tourmaline and titanium is the best choice for you because it leaves your hair smooth and shiny.

Cheap curlers are of poor quality that may burn your hair. Curlers that are poorly designed may overheat and leave your hair dry and rough. So pick a good quality curler after long research.

2. Pick the best heat protectant for curly hair

You want beautiful hair after using heating tools then always use a heat protectant before using any heating tool. This makes a layer of protecting shield and locks the moisture. Choose the heat protectants which contain humectants that lock the moisture like propylene glycol and panthenol, and silicone that acts as heat protectants like amodimethicone and dimethicone.

The best option for thick or coarse hair is oil(Argan oil), cream, or lotion which works as a heat protectant. For fine or thin hair heat protectant sprays are the best choice.

3. Adjust the temperature on low

Keep the temperature low as needed which protects your hair from burning.  Many curling irons have adjustable temperatures like low, medium, and high. The maximum temperature ranges from 80 to 200C.

Like if you have thick and coarse hair then keep it at 200C but in the case of fine and thin hair keep the temperature at 80C. Slowly curl your hair instead of using high temperature. Hold your iron for 10 to 20 seconds more time may damage your hair. Every girl has a different texture of hair so adjust the temperature according to your need.

4. Dry your hair completely

Before using any heating tool make sure your hair is completely dry. In this case, if you use the curler on wet hair it boils the moisture and causes serious damage. We recommend you that not dry your hair with a dryer because you are using a double dose of heat that cause more damage.

5. Repairing damage

Using curling iron every day may cause damage to your hair. So give your hair the love it deserves like repairing the damage and nourishing your hair. There are some ways to protect your hair and repair damage.

  • Use a moisturizing shampoo – Natural moisture in your hair keep your hair freeze-free and healthy. For keeping it hydrated use a moisturizing shampoo that provides moisture and locks it in your hair. Invest in good quality shampoo which is sulfate-free and contains natural ingredients like coconut or argan oil.
  • Deep conditioning – Deep condition your hair once a week to keep your hair look healthy and hydrated. Use a product that contains natural ingredients like argan oil, coconut, keratin, and shea butter that provide hydration. For extremely coarse hair apply deep conditioner whenever you wash your hair.
  • Oiling your hair –  Before washing your hair oiling is a must to keep your hair hydrated. Use an oil that provides moisture like coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil. For thin hair, you can use rosemary oil or pomegranate seed oil.

Ways and tools for heatless curls

You want curly hair every day but don’t want heat so there are a lot of products and ways to curl your hair without any heating tools. Curling is not bad if you are using heatless curling tools. So here are those tools and ways

Make a braid overnight

You want a curl without any heat then making a braid of your hair and keeping it overnight is the best option for you.  Firstly damp your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner.

Make three sections of hair and make a braid. For better results keep it overnight and in the next morning open the braid,  finger comb, and apply hair spray for a long hold.

Overnight hair curlers

There are a lot of curlers in the market like flex rods, heatless hair curling ribbons, rollers, heartless bandages, and many more. The application procedure is to slightly wet your hair, apply hair spray and then take a roller and begin rolling from the bottom of your hair to the upward direction and secure them with a pin. Leave them overnight, open them and spray them for a long hold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you curl your hair every day?

When you curl your hair every day that leaves your hair dry and damaged. Use the heat repeatedly to cause splits to end and dry out all the moisture. But,  We mentioned all the ways that protect your hair and provide nourishment, even if you use curling iron a lot.

How often is it safe to curl your hair?

Curling your hair once a week is safe. Before curling, wash your hair with mild shampoo and conditioner. Wait for drying and apply a heat protectant. Don’t curl your dirty hair which causes more damage.

What happens if you curl wet hair?

If your hair is wet even a little damp curling iron leads to boils the moisture and causes more damage to your hair. It dries out all the moisture and leaves your hair dry and freezes. Make sure to dry your hair before using a curling iron.

What is the least damaging way to curl hair?

Some tips mention for curling hair with least damaging

  • Make a braid and leave it overnight.
  • Invest in heatless curling tools
  • Use low-temperature setting
  • Hold curling iron for 2-3 seconds

Final thoughts

To conclude this, curling hair every day may cause damage if you don’t take proper care of your hair. Every day curling of your hair and use of too much heat leaves your hair dry and freeze. Your question is that “Is it bad to curl your hair every day?” The answer is No if you take proper care and follow our tips.

There are some tips mentioned above to curling hair with the least damage like a right curling iron, low-temperature setting, using heat protectants, and moisturizing your hair. Also mentioned above are some ways for heatless curling. So take out some time from your routine and read out this article. Hope these tips and ways are really helpful for you.

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