How to use Purple Shampoo to get White Hair?

Best way to use purple shampoo to get white hair

in this modern era, people want to get white hair without any damage to hair. if you are worried about that then we have shared the secrets.

Purple shampoo is the best product to consider for lightening and protecting the hair. It is the easiest and safest way to keep your hair bright. Applying the purple shampoo will completely change the appearance of your hair.

Whitening the hair is time-consuming but you can easily get white hair if you follow the right maintenance steps and take precautions.

The main problem around is that no one knows much about the use of purple shampoo. But don’t need to worry here we have shared the steps on how to use purple shampoo to get white hair.

Before you take the action, you need to know a little bit about the purple shampoo.

What is Purple Shampoo?

Purple shampoo is a product that is designed for blonde hair. It contains purple pigments that cover up the yellow and brassy tones. Basically, the main purpose of using this purple-colored shampoo is to get white and platinum blonde hair.

If you are worried about brightening your hair, purple shampoo is the best solution.

Note: Do not Apply this shampoo before using bleach. If you do, you would not get a much better result.

Who can use the purple shampoo for their hair?

Purple shampoo works best if you have blonde, platinum, white, or gray hair. This product is designed for the use of light-colored hair. If you have brunette hair then it would not show you the results. Yes, it will lighten hair if you have a brunette with a blonde.

White hair is very attractive that stuns everyone all around but as mentioned earlier it will take a lot of your time because there include some steps.

How to use Purple Shampoo to get White hair?

girl using purple shampoo in her hairs

The use of purple shampoo is very easy and there are many brands available that are selling this product. Here are the important steps that you need to follow to get white color:

Step # 1 – Apply three collections of products

Apply 100% pure coconut oil on your hair which will limit the harm and saturate your hair and then mix the bleaching powder with a creme or liquid developer that will prevent your hair from undesirable warm tones. It is better to use creme developer instead of liquid.

Do not rinse your hair with water for 30 minutes.

Step # 2 – Rinse your hair with the water

After using the above products, rinse your hair and repeat the same process once again. Because bleaching the hair is not a one-time session it will take time to get a light yellow color. Do not bleach your hair two times a week because it may damage your hair.

Step # 3 – Apply toner and developer

After bleaching your hair twice, now apply the mixture of toner and developer on your hair. Wait for 10 minutes so that the mixture will properly tone your hair. Then rinse your hair with water.

Step # 4 – Apply the purple shampoo

Before applying the shampoo wet your hair with the lukewarm water and massage your hair with your hands so that it will be absorbed properly. If your hair is blonde then 2 to 3 minutes is enough time to massage otherwise 5 minutes is good enough.

Step # 5 – Condition your hair

After washing your hair, use the conditioner to saturate your hair. Now, your hair will look remarkable all around and that really attracts others as well.

6 Pro Tips for your Blonde Hair:

  1. Keep your hair away from the use of chemicals like chlorine. It is the best way to protect your blonde hair.
  2. Protect your hair from the heat of styling tools like dryers.
  3. Protect your hair from the heat of the sun as it results from the discoloration.
  4. Highlight your hair as it gives your hair a new and natural dimension.
  5. Use conditioner and blonde shampoo. This will strengthen your color.
  6. Trim your hair regularly to get rid of dryness.

What are the best brands of purple shampoo to buy?

Below are the best-selling brands of purple shampoos.

  1. L’Oreal Paris Free Brass Toning Purple Shampoo
  2. Redken Color Depositing Purple Shampoo
  3. Pantene Silver Expressions, Hair Toner and Purple Shampoo
  4. Beachwaver BRB Blonde Purple Shampoo
  5. Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is Silver Shampoo the same as purple shampoo?

Ans: Yes, Silver Shampoo is the same as purple shampoo and there is no difference between these two products because they use purple pigment. Both products are made to neutralize brassy and yellow tones.

Q. What happens if you use too much purple shampoo?

Ans: If you use too much purple shampoo on your hair, then it can damage your hair. Some people don’t have enough money to go to the salon and they started bleaching in their homes by themselves which is not good. Excessive use can cause your hair to fall out.

Q. What to do if you left the shampoo too long?

Ans: If you have mistakenly left the purple shampoo for a long time, then don’t worry about it, just go and wash your hair with a good shampoo. Wash your hair until the purple shampoo comes out. In this way, you can easily remove it.


Finally, we hope this article has been very helpful to you in finding out what you are looking for. You should use the purple shampoo twice a week to keep your hair white for a longer time. Using this shampoo on the daily basis is also not good so it is better to use it twice a week.

It is important to know that purple shampoo will only show results on the buttery blonde tone hair. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily turn your hair color to white. And all the silver and blonde hair beauties look classy and cool.

If you are interested in more fruitful tips about beauty, you must visit our website.

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